5 Ways to Make Your Teeth Look Whiter During Orthodontic Treatment

by | Mar 1, 2022 | Braces, Invisalign, Treatment Options

Several factors go into making your teeth look whiter during treatment. During the course of your treatment, you’ll attend special events and take tons of pictures. We want to provide you with some tips to smile with confidence during your treatment.

  1. Pick the right colors with braces: Darker colors such as purple, navy or black can make your teeth look whiter. Colors that match the braces such as silver and grey are safe to maintain your natural tooth color. Lighter colors such a clear or white can stain and actually make your teeth look more yellow overtime.
  2. Choose Invisalign clear aligners: Aligners are clear and don’t use metal braces or wires. Aligners also reflect light in a way that makes the teeth look whiter than braces so your teeth look whiter in photos.
  3. Clear liquids create less stain: Water and other clear liquids can help avoid unwanted staining. Certain liquids such as coffee and tee could stain your teeth. If you’re like our doctors and LOVE coffee, it’s better to drink a cup over a shorter period of time versus sipping all day.
  4. Brush and floss on the reg! This one seems obvious but it’s true. Brush and floss 2-3x per day during treatment with whitening toothpaste will help keep your teeth looking whiter.
  5. Keep your regular 6 month dental check ups: Dental hygienists are wizards at removing stains! This removal of the stained top layer reveals a beautiful, whiter tooth underneath.

Be proactive in your preparation and ask us for any other tips and tricks to keep your teeth looking whiter throughout treatment. Contact us today at 734-392-8288 or [email protected] to schedule a FREE consultation so we can design your smile!


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