What Are Power Chains and Rubber Bands?

by | Oct 31, 2023 | Braces, Technology

We often get the question from patients, “When am I getting power chains?”.  It must be the new social media revolution because that was not a question we frequently heard 20 years ago.  So let’s set the record straight for power chains as well as rubber bands.

Power chains are just like the colored ties that hold the wire into the braces.  The only difference is a power chain has all of the colors connected.  Yes, it looks cool and does make the color POP!  It also serves a very helpful function for your treatment.  Orthodontists use power chains to close spaces, keep spaces closed, and even rotate teeth.  It’s likely you’ll have a power chain or two during treatment and most are used near the end of treatment if you have braces.

What about rubber bands?  Why do patients have to connect them to their braces?  The most common reason for rubber bands is that they get the upper and lower jaws to “talk to each other”.  This means they help to achieve the ideal bite.  Your orthodontist will know which rubber bands are best (there are TONS of them!) and which teeth you should apply them to based on your individual treatment plan.

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