When do baby teeth come in?

by | Dec 2, 2022 | Child Orthodontics, Orthodontics

This is a fantastic question! Sometimes we chuckle because the reality is Dr. Fraser and I went to school for 12 years each and half the time we work on baby teeth! But there’s a lot to know about baby teeth.

One important thing to remember is that there is a range for what’s “normal” time that the baby teeth fall out. For example, an upper central incisor (aka front tooth) falls out on average at age 7. HOWEVER, the central incisor falling out at age 5 or even 8 is considered “normal”.

Let’s be honest, this blog post is for parents. I have two daughters under the age of 2 at home. Everytime I go to the pediatrician, I ask if the milestones they are hitting are normal. They always tell me there’s a range (and under their breath they’re probably thinking what a nut I am!). It’s the same way with baby teeth. However, it’s important to see your orthodontist by age 7 to determine if teeth are erupting normally or if there needs to be intervention to help the adult teeth come in.

Sometimes a baby tooth can stay in for too long. This could be because the permanent tooth went off course and did not push the baby tooth out. It could also be that there is no adult tooth SURPRISE!

Below is a chart to help illustrate the averages. Remember, you should have your first checkup with an orthodontist by AGE 7.

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