3 Reasons Why Impressionless Treatment Is Better

by | Nov 17, 2021 | Technology, Treatment Options

No gagging

Let’s be honest, impressions are the most uncomfortable 60 seconds of a person’s life. At Apex, we use a digital camera to capture images of your smile and your bite. We no longer need that goopy, messy impression material so the experience is more comfortable for you!


A quick scan from our digital camera takes approximately 2-4 minutes.

More accurate

Remember the phrase “we’re only human”. Yes, it’s true but we can eliminate human error caused by impressions by using our digital camera. Then we have the ability to 3D print molds of your teeth exactly how they are!

Our practice embraces the digital world to make your treatment experience better! Schedule a FREE consultation with us today at 734-392-8288 or [email protected]!


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